I guess this is the place where I'm supposed to tell about myself. My name is Grace Adams, and as you can probably tell if you've looked through this page much at all I'm not much of an artist and prefer to do alot of writing, mostly messageboard based roleplaying. I've been doing this for about four years trying to use it to improve my writing, and believe me, it has. When I first started it was almost impossible to get more than three sentences out of me, now I'm writing three and four page posts (though even I'll admit I do tend to skip over reading posts like that posted by others).

I grew up in the state of Vermont and currently go to Hesser College in Manchester, NH. Hopefully this situation will be changing soon while I wait for the offical acceptance letter from Liberty University. At the present I'm 19 years old and have been running the family DJ buisness for the last three years.

I have little toloration for stupid people and annoying newbies on the places I roleplay. I also have little toloration for godmoders, but this is all besides the point. I enjoy writing and reading (you'll find a reccomendation list on the writings page).

I'm also a music fanatic. I can't live without music, music is my life! As a Christian I listen to mostly Christian music of all styles, rock, hiphop, alternative. Some of my favorite groups are Skillet, Reliant K, KJ-52, Pillar, Superchic[k], and Tobymac. I play flute and have made a few weak attempts to write my own music. I wouldn't exactly call my poetry songs, though some could be, I guess, if you have the gift for writing music.

Raised in a Christian home I currently go to Percision Valley Baptist Church in Springfield, Vermont. While I've only been going for a few weeks the pastor there quickly draws people in, especially when he sees a ministry there. Currently I attempt to interpret the sermons into American Sign Language, help/teach the teen Sunday School, and during the summer will be hopefully getting the youth group going again.