This is my playground, this is my palace. I've created this site for two reasons, first off, because I need something to present to my web design class as a final showing off my web design skills (or lack there of). Secondly, because I wanted to create a site where I could show off my writing and the art that my friends have done for me or the sigs I've made. Just so everyone is aware there is no messageboard currently, we're in the process of fixing that, but until it's ammended there's really not a whole lot we can do right now (besides that, ezboards really stinks, so we don't wanna use them... pop ups are eeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvviiiiiiillllllll).

There are cafepress shops where you can get the latest NA KAWAII wear and plushies, we also will have a store with t-shirts and mugs based on Kat Kariena, the furry character I've played for the last five or six years now. Artwork is done by Ashley Roberts and Skat.

Don't forget to look through the writings pages, we have many poems and stories and still more that are waiting to be put up. Keep looking back for more updates!